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The Big Debate: Ten Parenting Issues That Divide Mothers
Picky eaters, late nights and the wooden spoon: The top ten parenting issues that divide modern mothers....

We are all guilty of judging the mother in the supermarket's method of calming her screaming little monster down.

Women look at each other knowingly over trollies and 'tut, tut' as the desperate mother feeds her child another bag of crisps to quieten him. The mother's first choice may not have been to feed her kid another bag of Taytos but we do all lapse from our supposed-to-be-strict mothering methods sometimes...

But what are the parenting issues we will never agree on? Screaming child or no screaming child?

We've compiled the top ten debates the modern parents questions... feel free to add your own to the comment box below...

1. How far do I take discipline?

It's a question of discipline and it's a question of how. We've already had the wooden spoon debate here on

2. Do I make the kids do extra schoolwork at home?

The big debate: do I give my child extra school work in the evenings? Will this help their progress in the classroom environment?

3. Can their boyfriends and girlfriends sleep over?


What’s the protocol here? One writer tells her side of the story

3. Do I supervise my children when they are playing?

Is it better to be outside with them while they play or should we give them that little bit of independence in the hope they make new friends?

4. Do I give a picky eater just the food they like or do I make them try new things?

It's a question of nature or nurture. Does a child really have a dislike for green vegetables or if you insisted on them eating them before they leave the table, would they change their mind?

5. Are presents just for Christmas and birthdays?

Your son’s been itching for that new Nintendo DS game for the last few weeks. Is it a case of him having to save his pocket money for it, waiting for an occasion to receive it as a present, or will you buy it for him to keep him quiet?

6. Should I give my child a curfew?


We all remember these days of being called in at night-time when you’re playing…But is it even safe enough for them to be outside late anymore?

7. Will I give them pocket money on a weekly basis or just when they need it?

Although we don’t want our kids to have their minds focused on money, it is nice for them to learn that it comes hard…

8. How hard is it for your child to get a day off school?

If you’re juggling family and a work life, it’s going to be a tough call when your child says they feel sick in the morning-time…

9. When can the kids start choosing their own clothes?

With some dodgy slogan t-shirts or highly-cut shorts, there is a likely chance your child could return home with something you would rather use as a dishcloth...

10. The Big Question: How Many?

A debate that divides most mothers is the number of children they wish to have. For some mums, one is all they’ve ever wanted, for others it’s an indoor soccer team they want…

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