The Rotunda returns to screens tonight in a new six part series 4 years ago

The Rotunda returns to screens tonight in a new six part series

Deep breaths.

The Rotunda returns to Irish screens tonight with six brand new episodes of the hit tv show.


Set in Ireland's oldest maternity hospital the fly on the wall documentary details the emotional roller coaster of becoming a new parent.

Founded in 1745, the Rotunda located in Dublin's north inner city has seen a lot of babies arrive into the world.

Tonight viewers can go inside the hospital and witness the joyous highs and devastating lows that come with pregnancy.


Whether you're a parent who has been through it all yourself or just curious as to what happens once the contractions begin, you can't help but be moved by the stories of the couples and staff involved.

Over the course of 2018, Scratch Films and RTÉ followed the comings and goings of parents attending The Rotunda Hospital in Dublin, 24 hours a day for a total of 21 days.

Even being through it all myself, I was nowhere prepared for my second pregnancy.


My pregnancy with my son had been smooth sailing but then I got into complications during the birth, whereas my pregnancy with my daughter was high risk and constantly monitored but in the end, I had her like a drink of water.

All pregnancies and births are unique which is what makes this series so special.

The Rotunda starts tonight on RTÉ2 at 9.30pm.