This Photo Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet Today 7 years ago

This Photo Is The Cutest Thing On The Internet Today

A touching photo uploaded to Reddit shows the awe inspiring moment a 92-year-old Great-grandmother, meets her 2 day old Great-Granddaughter for the first time.



User Fishtails has elicited a passionate response with other users commenting their own stories of generational meetings.

One user, iamspartasdog wrote about his daughter London, named after the place that his grandfather — despite his severe Alzheimer's disease and dementia — always recalled with smiles.

"At about four months old [London] sat on [her great-grandfather's] bed with him in hospice and he told her all kinds of stories, and they looked at pictures together," he wrote. "Not many of the stories made any sense to my wife and I, but he was unbelievably happy, and so was London."

He continued, "Grandpa looked at both my wife and I and said "thank you!", we said our usual goodbyes and left to go get dinner and when we came back, grandpa was already in bed for the night. ... He never woke up the next morning. I firmly believe that he decided that he could go on a happy note."


It seems the child in the original photo is fated for Internet stardom. Months ago mother Jen uploaded this video of her daughter’s ultrasound which has since received over 8 million views.