Woman freaks out after her husband shows his mother his penis 3 years ago

Woman freaks out after her husband shows his mother his penis

Well, this is a weird one.

Families come in all shapes and sizes. And while some are incredibly close, others might only speak to their parents or siblings once a month, or even less.


However, this woman is freaking out a bit because she thinks her husband is too close to his mother. The woman said that her other half found out he had thrush after taking antibiotics, and decided to show his mum his private area for her advice.

The woman wrote on Mumsnet:

"I discovered yesterday that when my husband got thrush in his nether regions due to being on anitbiotics. He asked his mother to take a look at it for him to see what she thought it might be.

"He's 34 years old and still showing his bits to his mum. Surely as a grown man with a wife he shouldn't be asking his mother to look at these kind of things for him. I know that she's his mum and that she's seen him naked countless times, but surely there's a cut off age for sharing these things with your mother.

"There's just no boundaries at all, she even opens any letters addressed to him that still go to her house and it just really irritates me, he's a grown man with his own family."

She added that this isn't the first time that his mum has being snooping into his business, saying:


"Before we got our house together too she also used to open his credit card bills then phone him up asking him why he'd been using his credit card, he's a grown man for goodness sakes!"

Many people replied to the post, saying that it was a bit odd that they were so close. One said:

"I would not be happy if my DH showed his Mum his penis. I would be astounded if one of my adult boys asked to show me theirs. I would refuse and point them towards their GP."

While another wrote:


"Yeah that’s weird. Unless his mum is a doctor and even then I’m still not sure. Add the opening of post etc and it’s a failure to launch."