The 10 best hangover cures have been voted on and we need to try them all 3 years ago

The 10 best hangover cures have been voted on and we need to try them all

This will be very useful information...

The older we get, the more we become aware that the morning after might be a bigger con than the pro from the great night out before it.


Also, as we get older, we know what hangover cures work for us, and which don't, and even those aren't universal, as it is highly likely that what you were drinking on that great night out will have a direct relation to what you need in your system to get over it the next day.

With all of that in mind, thousands of people heading to Ranker to vote on what they reckon are the best hangover cures around.

Is your favourite on here? Or is there one you reckon they've missed out on entirely? Let us know in the comments.

10. Ginger Ale


This makes a certain kind of sense to us. Unless you were using it as a mixer with your alcohol the night before, in which case it might be the very last thing you need in your right now.

9. Bacon / Rashers

The smell alone might be enough to bring you back to life.

8. Bloody Mary


Hair of the dog works wonders for some. For others, not so much.

7. Scrambled Eggs

This writer absolutely hates eggs, so is trying to remain totally impartial right now...

6. Coffee


Yep. 100% of the yes.

5. Orange Juice

Again, if it wasn't a mixer with your drinks the night before, then you should be good to go. Especially if it is SUPER chilled.

4. Full Irish / English Breakfast


We think the difference between them is that the Full English has black pudding, whereas the Full Irish also has white pudding? Is that right? We need scientists to figure this out.

3. Hamburger

Really? We've no idea how this scored so high. Maybe for the people who partied so late that they've only woken up at 2pm?

2. Cold Pizza

Even better than hot pizza? Discuss.

1. Gatorade / Lucozade

The majority Americans who voted said Gatorade, which we reckon would most likely be Lucozade on our side of the pond. The electrolytes and sugars and everything involved feel like the most reasonable response to having no fluids left in our systems.