This is the 3-ingredient smoothie a Victoria Secret's model swears by 2 years ago

This is the 3-ingredient smoothie a Victoria Secret's model swears by

No, we are not saying that you will turn into Adriana Lima just from drinking this smoothie alone, but let's just agree we've all got to start somewhere

The thing is, if you follow the Brazilian beauty on Instagram like we do (and when I say follow I mean stalk – obvs), you will know that Lima is an avid fitness fanatic. Which, in fairness, comes with the job, I guess, when you are paid to look smashing in a bikini.


Getting a quick stretch in on set with @victoriasport ?????? #trainlikeanangel

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In a recent interview with Vogue, Lima reveals just how much work she puts in (hint: it’s a lot):

“Unfortunately, there is no magic pill—I actually have to put in hard work to stay fit,” she says, proving that some long-stemmed beauties who strut the runways aren’t actually born that way.

But besides her healthy fitness habits, she also has a pretty regimented beauty routine too. Her secret? Hydrate, and it’ll show on your skin. “Drinking water will help you glow,” Lima says. “Fill your belly with water to have great skin!”

But her ultimate hack, she reveals, is this: a three-ingredient smoothie that gets her going in the morning (and it’s so easy you could probably make it in your sleep, which to us sleep-deprived mamas is quite the bonus, no?).

1 cup water
1/2 avocado
Honey to taste


Here's how

Add about 1 cup of cold water to the blender. Halve and pit a fresh avocado, then scoop the meat into the blender. Pulse until the mixture combines and grows creamy, then add a small amount of organic honey to taste.

And voila; your morning has just been model-approved!

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