6 things on a Christmas menu that are guaranteed crowd pleasers! 2 years ago

6 things on a Christmas menu that are guaranteed crowd pleasers!

Brought to you by Fade Street Social. 

If your friends or colleagues have all kinds of different tastes when it comes to dining out on the town — it can be a little bit tricky.


Someplace cosy, warm, indulgent, delicious and a spot that's sure to add an extra sparkle to our Christmas gathering should do just the trick. So, it might be worth taking a peek at the Christmas-themed food menu (and those cocktails!) at one of our all-time favourites — Fade Street Social.

The restaurant's delectable dishes come with a contemporary twist, yet they're filled with the traditional goodness we adore. Don't forget their cyber weekend sales start today with 15 percent off all online vouchers!

For a Christmas lunch or dinner, indulge in Pumpkin and Chestnut Flatbread, Rabbit Stew and a White Chocolate and Baileys Parfait a little later. There’s also Pickled Carrot and Tarragon Salad, plus Mushroom Open Ravioli for your vegetarian guests too.

Our most fail-proof (and hugely appetising) crowd pleasers to include in your meal are:

1. Cauliflower Soup

It’s yummy, it's healthy and just imagine how warm and cosy you'll feel after.

2. Scallops


These aren’t just any scallops everyone. With smoked salmon baton, bread crumbled with colcannon and an egg butter mousse all thrown into the mix, you'll be one satisfied customer!

3. Mushroom Open Ravioli

Comforting, mouth-watering and ideal for vegetarian guests — it comes with truffle, parmesan and gremolata. (NOM.)

4. Sirloin


Those with a meaty appetite can indulge in Fermanagh hop fed sirloin. Sliced, cured, and with gorgeous honey roast garlic too. If we're honest, we’d have that sauce with just about anything.

5. Pumpkin Flatbread

This beautiful Pumpkin Flatbread is made with fresh rosemary, parmesan, onion puree, sliced chestnut and fried mushrooms. It's one that ALL party-goers will adore.


6. Rabbit Stew

Braised rabbit leg in white wine, smoked bacon, tarragon and onion sauce.


For an enchanting evening dinner, Fade Street has added a few luscious, hearty extras to the menu too that are entirely worth adding to you meal too.


The Venison (19 days aged venison loin in a casserole of white beans, charred venison sausage in game stock, roasted breadcrumbs and celeriac). The enticing choices are endless.

Loin of Wicklow Lamb

Tender, succulent and basted in thyme and barley. It's scrumptious.


Baked with lardo roasted broccoli and parmesan cheese. Whoever said cod is tasteless, well, they never got their hands on THIS superb combination.

For parties of 12 or more Fade Street Social give side dishes like colcannon (great creamy mashed potatoes with creamed kale and spring onion foam), blackened cauliflower and hazelnut (cauliflower fondant roasted in nut brown butter with hazelnuts), chunky chips (with truffled goats cheese, ventreche, bacon and lardo crudo) or brussels sprouts (with chestnuts and bacon). Plenty to go around.

Of course, before you tuck into an exquisite Christmas celebratory meal, grab yourself a yummy cocktail at Fade Street's New York-inspired classic cocktail bar. Try the Bolton Biddy (Absolut vodka, rum, strawberry purée and prosecco with a hint of vanilla gingerbread) – it’s different, infused with complimentary flavours and it's fun! – or a Raspberry Bon Bon with a drop of pinot grigio, orange blossom bitters and soda. (Yes please!) You'll be feeling your most glam with one of these in hand ladies.

It's two for one classic cocktails, bar bites and flatbreads, Sunday to Thursday from 4pm to 7pm, and Friday to Saturday from 3pm to 5pm.

Whatever you do, make sure to treat yourself to the very best this Christmas.

Brought to you by Fade Street Social.