60 per cent of Irish people open to sharing virtual meal for Valentine’s Day 1 year ago

60 per cent of Irish people open to sharing virtual meal for Valentine’s Day

Got any plans for Valentine's Day this year?

It's the first Valentine's Day in lockdown and we're all thrilled about it (not).


No going to a nice restaurant, no trip to the cinema, no catching a couple of drinks in the pub. Nothing.

Well maybe not completely nothing.

Yes, according to a recent survey it seems around 69 per cent of the population of Ireland are still planning to celebrate Valentine's this year.


Out of those that said they would be celebrating this year, 60 per cent said that they are open to sharing a takeaway meal virtually this Valentine’s Day.

Another 51 per cent of people surveyed are planning on getting out of their sweatpants, putting on their gladrags and making an extra effort for cupid’s arrival.

In fairness to them there have been some days I've gone full glam just going to the shops so I can use up my foundation before it expires, at least theirs is for a date.


The survey, conducted by Just Eat, also found that according to 55 per cent of those questioned, it doesn’t matter what takeaway order their date chooses, so don’t stress about trying to make a good impression with your order choice.

Unsurprisingly, as a nation of Spice Bag lovers, 66 per cent of people said that Ireland’s favourite dish would get them feeling Hot ‘n’ Spicy.

On the flip side, 34 per cent of us would turn to the slightly more unusual choice of the burrito for that extra bit of flavour during date night.

Personally I wouldn't turn down either option.


The juiciest part of the survey came when asked Would you swipe right just to have a date on Valentine’s Day?

76 per cent of people asked said, ‘No way’, while a substantial 24 per cent said that they would give it a go.