7 times we'll be desperate to snuggle up with a takeaway this Christmas 1 year ago

7 times we'll be desperate to snuggle up with a takeaway this Christmas

Brought to you by Bank of Ireland.

Christmas is jam packed.

Between our work schedule, catch-ups with friends, family gatherings, searching high and low for the perfect gifts – it’s chaotic to say the least.

Undoubtedly, many a takeaway will be had and NEEDED this time of year when we find ourselves so exhausted and busy. When the feet are aching after a day's shopping and we’re desperate to pop on some Netflix — don't stand over that hob for the evening, call that local takeout!

With a little helping hand from Bank of Ireland and Visa, it won't be hard on your pocket either. Those of us who have signed up to Bank of Ireland’s Live Life Rewards will reap the benefit of cashback on our Christmas purchases, including the takeout we order from Just Eat! So don't feel an ounce of guilt in these following instances when we're sure to snuggle up with our beloved takeout.

1. The TOY SHOW!

The merriest of all shows on TV calls for an evening of pizzas, chicken nuggets, fish and chips, ice creams and all foods to delight your inner child. Oh, go on.

2. When Cooking is a SLOW AF Process

Well, it certainly feels snail’s pace when we’ve still got that tremendous shopping list that needs taking care of. Garlic cheese chips, hearty bean salads, delicious winter soups and stews are all key for feeling snug and cosy.

3. When We've a Serious Lack of Ingredients

We’ll need a pop of chilli for that green Thai curry, and when the groceries have been forsaken for gift shopping the past two weeks, well the waft of takeaway is sure to be a welcome treat.

4. When We Decide to Practice Something Overly Complicated

Being a busy bee and taking time to practice that hot mulled wine or spiced red lentil soup for all the gang on Christmas Day might deter you from making an attempt at the dish later on if it's an utter FAIL. make the time when you actually need to and get those takeaway sushi roles woman!

5. Date Night

Whether it’s with the girls or you’re cosying up to your handsome beau, the last thing you’ll want to do is take time away from all the fun to start cooking. More time together is what’s needed, especially around Christmas. So tapas at home are going to be pretty key.

6. When You Can't Find a Babysitter OR You Are The Babysitter

With kids running around giddy, delighted Santa will soon be on his way, it calls for an extra surprise to make the evening super fun and special — takeout! Get onto Just Eat and find something for yummy for all.

7. When You're Wrapping Christmas Presents

Okay, so it's SO MUCH FUN (unless you talk to your mum who has been wrapping gifts for 20-plus years). Why not have your food made for you and delivered right to your door, knowing you're getting some of that dosh right back into your account later. It tastes even better when it's superb value.

Remember, as a Bank of Ireland Visa Debit cardholder you can register for Live Life Rewards and this means when you go shopping in stores and online (where you've received an offer) you’ll automatically receive cashback in your account, typically within five working days. (Nice!) Stores and services that have jumped on board include mytaxi (VERY handy for the Christmas season), Just Eat, Dunnes, Smyths Toys, Boots, Currys PC World, Woodie's and more.

If you want even more good news, it's super easy to sign up. Simply register your Bank of Ireland Visa Debit card for Live Life Rewards, check out what the weekly offers might be, and shop using your card.

Brought to you by Bank of Ireland.