A chocolate festival is happening and it is our duty to tell you 2 years ago

A chocolate festival is happening and it is our duty to tell you

Our bodies are so ready for this.

So, we love chocolate. Because we're not weird.


We hate to break this to you if you dislike chocolate and think that that's not weird - it is weird. And we are so sorry for you.

Because chocolate is the absolute best.

The years we have spent wishing we could get inside Willy Wonka's chocolate factory - well, first of all wishing it was real and THEN wishing we could get inside. Too many.

Countless nights we have been visited by images of chocolate waterfalls and rivers (not your one, Johnny Depp, that did not look like chocolate). We would even have gone through the terrifying boat journey if it meant we could experience it all. Maybe.

Well. Now we can.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, there is a travelling chocolate festival making its way around the UK and it sounds superb.


The Fantastical Chocolate Festival may not give you the full Wonka experience because this is reality after all, but we'll take what we're given.

And what we will be given is chocolate fountains and fondues, candy apples, candyfloss flowers, ice-cream, bubble waffles, chocolate eggs, chocolate statues. The list goes on.

There will be hot-chocolate, cocktails, and milkshakes (alcoholic ones too. Like we said - this is the answer to our dreams).

You can also get involved in the chocolate-making yourself. There will be arts and crafts sessions where you can try your hand at sculpting a chocolate version of The Thinker.


The chocolate festival is starting its tour in October - perfect time to start your winter comfort-eating - and it will be visiting a long list of cities including London, Liverpool, Oxford, and Edinburgh.

There will be two slots a day - afternoon and evening. If you're looking for a more adult-focused night, the evening would suit better. And the tickets are only £6 each (about €6.50-7).

Some of the events are already sold out so we suggest you sort yourselves out sharpish and get yourselves some tickets because we know we will be.


For more event dates, check out the festival's Facebook page.

We are already drooling. October is too far away.