You can now get a chocolate scented candle that smells like Aero 1 year ago

You can now get a chocolate scented candle that smells like Aero

I'll take twelve please!

It there is one thing that is a fail safe gift for me, any time of the year, it's chocolate and candles.


With those two things you can never go wrong so a combination of the two is just the chef's kiss of presents.

If you're of my candle and chocolate loving kind then you'll be excited to know that Aero chocolate has partnered with Lily Flame to create a chocolate scented candle that apparently smells good enough to eat.

From just the look of it, it looks like the type of candle you would like to summon me.

Aero has collaborated with Lily-Flame candles to create a scented aroma like no other that is sure to be a must-have for the chocolate lovers.

The candle, “Chocolate Bliss” is described as velvety, bubbly perfection and is available to order in Ireland from What’s more, when you purchase the candle you will receive a free box of Aero Bliss chocolates.

Yes that's right a chocolate candle and free chocolates, where do I sign up?


So if you would like to give the chocolate lover in your life the ultimate gift or even just treat yourself this Christmas you can pick up a Chocolate Bliss Candle from Lily Flame's website.

The candle is priced at £8.95 (approximately ten euro) and includes a free box of Aero chocolates! I'd get ordering soon to make sure they arrive in plenty of time to be placed under the Christmas tree.