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Aldi is selling a massive three-litre bottle of prosecco in time for Christmas
In stores nationwide NOW!

Know anyone that fancies this as a Christmas present?

Your Christmas office party might be getting a lot cheerier after Aldi announced that it's going to be selling a three-litre bottle of prosecco in time for Christmas.

The gigantic bottle is four times the average size of an average prosecco bottle and if you're incredibly popular, you'll be happy to know that it can fill 24 glasses per go.

Then again, maybe you just plan on having a 'smaller' function and indulging to your heart's content.

At €69.99, it's a pretty reasonable price to pay because this particular brand is 11 percent ABV and it's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Prosecco connoisseurs will be interested to know that it's 100 percent produced from the Glera grape from Veneto, Italy and is now available in stores nationwide.

Its colour is described as “light and brilliant straw coloured yellow with persistent pelage" with a “sweet, delicate and dry" taste.


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