Aldi is launching a limited edition COLOUR CHANGING gin 3 years ago

Aldi is launching a limited edition COLOUR CHANGING gin

We'll take 7 cases, please.

Honestly now, is there anything better than a refreshing G&T after work?


No, absolutely not.

But what if that gin also provided you with entertainment?

No, the gin won't sing or tell jokes, but it will change colour - like something out of Harry Potter.

Forest Fruits colour-changing gin from McQueen Gin transforms from a pale blue to pink when you add tonic.

What sorcery is this?

The colour changes as a result of the gin being distilled with petals of the Asian butterfly flower.


The blue petals of this exotic flower change colour when the PH levels change - and so you go from blue to pink.

colour changing gin

Dale McQueen, MD Co-Founder of McQueen Gin, said: "Not only does our new artisan gin taste great, but it also brings a little bit of theatre to gin o'clock. Perfect to share with friends, it's a delicious fruity gin with a difference."

"Add a squeeze of lime first and see what shade of pink the gin goes, then add the tonic and it will change again."

"We're very proud to be working with Aldi to bring this product to consumers up and down the country, giving them the chance to engage in the purest of gin experience, with just the right touch of magic."

This groovy gin is currently being rolled out in Scottish Aldi stores, but no doubt it will enter the Irish market soon!


If you find yourself in Scotland, be sure to grab yourself a bottle of this magical gin (which costs £19.99).