Aldi's €80 smoker barbecues will be in stores for the bank holiday weekend 2 years ago

Aldi's €80 smoker barbecues will be in stores for the bank holiday weekend

What's better than barbecue food?

SMOKED barbecue food.


Between lockdown conditions and the glorious weather we've had of late, everyone who is lucky enough to have a back garden or balcony has pretty much moved out into it. As a result, the air hangs heavy with the delicious scents – not of flowers, but of barbecues.

As someone who doesn't currently own a barbecue, social distancing has become particularly torturous since my neighbours have gotten their nightly charcoal grills going. So, I will be first in the queue when Aldi's new stock of barbecue land in store (at an appropriate social distance of course).

Aldi today announced that a new stock of its popular Smoker Barbecue will be arriving into stores on Sunday, May 3. The €79.99 barbecue will appeal to foodies who enjoy American style outdoor grilling.


As well as two grills for traditional cooking over charcoal in the main chamber, the steel-bodied barbecue has a side chamber for smoking and low'n'slow cooking over coals or flavoured wood chips. I'm already drooling at the thoughts of a smokey slow-cooked pulled pork...

The barbecue, which can be moved by wheeling, also has an air vent for adjustable air flow and a thermometer within the lid. And there's storage shelf built in underneath for keeping all of your marinades and BBQ bits.

It will be in stores nationwide on Sunday, May 3, along with a wide selection of barbecue foods and accessories.


Aldi also has a range of fire pits and log burners coming into stores on April 30.