Aldi's prosecco and wine advent calendars are back, and thank God for that 1 month ago

Aldi's prosecco and wine advent calendars are back, and thank God for that

Ah, Christmas.

A time for hanging out with your family, enjoying good festive cheer, and eating an abundance of food.

Unfortunately this year, Christmas is going to be a bit different. The former family gatherings and having a nice time seem unlikely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The eating, however, shall continue without pause.

As will the drinking, but hopefully in moderation, especially seeing as we're all going to be spending a lot more time on our own for these next few months.

Alas, an advent calendar has just been announced that is going to make having a cheeky tipple in the lead up to the festive season that little bit more tempting - especially when the tipple in question is sparkling rosé, white wine, or processo in a cute miniature form.

Because yes, Aldi's sparkling wine and regular wine advent calendars are back. And yes, you do need to suss one this Christmas.

For the entirely reasonable price of €78.68, you'll be able to pick yourself up a boozy calendar filled with 8 mini bottles of sparkling pinot grigio, 8 sparkling rosé and 8 prosecco bottles.

If you can take or leave sparkling wine, you can also grab yourself a standard wine advent calendar for a tenner less. Each of the 24 doors open to reveal a mini bottle of 10 white wines (5 still and 5 sparkling), 8 red wines and 6 rosés (3 still and 3 sparkling).

Just imagine the scene - a different mini wine for 24 whole nights. Alternatively, you could open up the doors on their days in question and keep the wines for other time, because drinking for what is essentially an entire month is not recommended, nor is it at all wise.

As well as this, if alcohol isn't your thing, Aldi will also be selling general advent calendars with actual chocolate inside for €1.26, a Cadbury's advent calendar for €2.44, or a pet advent calendar filled with meaty doggy treats for €5.89.

Sorted, sure.

Aldi's selection of advent calendars will be available to buy in store from November 1.