Avocado burger buns are a thing now and people can't work it out 5 years ago

Avocado burger buns are a thing now and people can't work it out

The humble hamburger has undergone some changes over the past decade.

From simple beginnings as a slab of mince between two buns, the rise of gourmet and dirty burgers restaurants have turned the hamburger into one of the most versatile dining options around.


Have it healthy, have it wrapped in bacon, double patty, deep fry it, chuck in some brioche buns, serve it upside down. The sky is the limit when it comes to burger experimentation.

The next bit of burger innovation sees the mighty hamburger switch up its buns for something altogether more healthy.

Introducing, the avocado burger.

Yep, that's a hamburger with sliced avocado as the buns.

The avocado burger is the creation of Colette Dike of Fooddeco, who has been wowing foodies with Instagram snaps of he new invention.


Talking to Mashable, the Amsterdam-based 'food stylist' says "I like to create ‘fresh take’ ideas on classics. ... Furthermore I love to think of new cutting techniques ... especially using avocado, since its so photogenic and of course yummy."

Needless to say, Colette's creation is having quite the response on social media.


We'd give the burger a go, but maybe with a knife and fork.

What do you think?