Baileys is selling chocolate bombes just in time for Christmas 1 year ago

Baileys is selling chocolate bombes just in time for Christmas


The weather is cold, the days are short, and the hot water bottles are on.


So are the kettles - to make the hot water bottles but also to pour over all of the chocolate bombes that are going to be erupting this Christmas.

Among them is Baileys' own offering, a marshmallow filled chocolate bombe that is sure to brighten up the coldest of nights - or mornings if you leave the alcohol out.

The new Baileys Chocolate Bombe is coming to stores later this month just in time for Christmas to allow everyone to make the ultimate Baileys hot chocolate.


Pop the chocolate bombe into a mug and melt away the Baileys-flavoured milk chocolate by pouring over your choice of hot milk or hot water.

Then simply watch as the marshmallows bubble out into your drink - and add a splash of Baileys if you're feeling festive. Don't if you're not. Might we also suggest throwing the chocolate bombe into your coffee in the morning (without the alcohol of course)? Divine.


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Each pack of Baileys Chocolate Bombes contains three bombes and retails for €6. They're available to buy online using the above link, and are in select SuperValu and Tesco stores now.