A bar that solely sells premium prosecco is opening in London and we're SOLD 2 years ago

A bar that solely sells premium prosecco is opening in London and we're SOLD

BRB, booking flights.

A bar called The Prosecco House that exclusively serves premium prosecco has opened in London.

Dedicated to providing you with the best of bubbly, the bar has opened due to the phenomenal demand and people's desire for prosecco.

The Evening Standard spoke with owner Kristina Issa on the creation of this bar, she said:

“I love prosecco but could never find a glass of the same quality here in London compared to Italy. I wanted to create a bar that feels both luxurious but is also open to everyone and that all feel welcome. There is a gap in the market for a high quality bar serving the finest prosecco that is not in a hotel or a cocktail bar. I am working closely with producers to ensure guests receive the finest prosecco that is so readily available in Veneto.”

More than 20 different proseccos are on the menu in this plush new bar - with the fizz being supplied from wineries in Marchiori, Rivalta, Cirotto, TASI Bio and Andreola.


This news follows a week after we spoke about Italy's prosecco trek, a 120km stretch of mountainous land that joins Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, and brings the visitor through scenery of endless vineyards, villages and little towns tasting and sampling some of the world's finest prosecco!

How delightful, now... all one must do is try and organise enough annual leave to go and do this all.