Wine consumption dropped in Ireland last year and we can't relate 3 years ago

Wine consumption dropped in Ireland last year and we can't relate

Quit wine-ing.

Or don't, whatever you want.


Irrespective of what you decide though, it turns out that a few people have quit wine-ing over the years. Or rather, they've replaced their love for bitter grape goodness with a taste for something else.

Can't relate, but OK.

New statistics released by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI) show that wine had a two percent decrease in consumption in 2018, after having a slight increase the year before.

This leaves the drink with a 26.7 percent share of the alcohol market, after beer which is still the nation's favourite alcoholic drink with a hefty 45.2 percent share, and before spirits that make up 20.5 percent of the market.


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Despite the slight decrease in popularity, wine is still Ireland's second most consumed alcoholic drink, which makes sense considering it goes rather well with most occasions.

Having a night in with the fella? Wine.

Crying over the fella who has hurt you for the twelfth time with the gals? Wine.


Celebrating your new relationship while simultaneously telling yourself it will be different this time because he's Not Like Other Boys? Wine.

Very versatile, in fairness.

Along with last year's drop in wine popularity came an overall drop in alcohol consumption across the board.

Since 2007, there has been an 18 percent decrease in average adult consumption with 2018 boasting just over 11 litres of pure alcohol - pretty much the same as the year before.


This decrease in wine could be for a few reasons.

The first is because Ireland has one of the highest taxes on wine in the EU. And the second is because people are just more into gin now.

Seems legit.