Ben & Jerry's is launching an 'ice cream bagel' and we're feeling unsure 2 years ago

Ben & Jerry's is launching an 'ice cream bagel' and we're feeling unsure

Bread and ice cream?

Erm, I'm not sold.


However, ice cream tends to go with the most random things (have you ever dipped a chip into ice cream? Delish) so, you never know, this could actually be nice, but the thought is a little off-putting.

Ben & Jerry's is replacing the cone, the wafer and the cup for a bagel and slapping some ice cream in the centre to create yep, you guessed it, the "ice cream bagel".

Launching in London next month, the product will be available in two flavours – the Birthday bagel and the Hola cara-moley flavour bagel.

The Birthday bagel features birthday cake flavour ice cream while the Hola cara-moley features double caramel brownie ice cream and caramel sauce. Yep, these sound heavy but we won't say a definitive "no" until we taste test (obvs!).

And according to Good Housekeeping, Ben & Jerry's has actually been planning to launch an ice cream bagel for ages, as the pair originally planned to open a bagel business but went into ice cream 40 years ago instead. Fascinating.


The sad news, the ice cream bagel is only around for a very short stint (August 24 to September 9) and yep, you guessed it, it's only available in London.

You never know though, if it gets the thumbs up there, you can be sure it'll be on the next plane over to us in no time!