The best chicken wings in Ireland have been named 2 years ago

The best chicken wings in Ireland have been named

Friendships have been ended over arguments about chicken wings.

Wings Food Fest took place recently, a national celebration of all things chicken wings, and in amongst all of the happy festival goers who could eat all the chicken wings they could get their hands on (and that isn't even including the actual chicken wing eating competition), there was a panel of judges in place to find out which outlet provided the best chicken wings in all of Ireland.


Every single person has an opinion on which place does the best wings, but this should probably put all of that arguing to rest.

It should. But it won't. Because people love arguing about chicken wings.

There were eight finalists in the running, with the seven runners-up being:

The Mullingar House, Chapelizod, Dublin

Avenue Maynooth, Kildare

Volcano Wings, Limerick

Brickyard Gastropub, Dundum, Dublin


Box Burger, Bray, Wicklow

Vish Shop, Blessington Street, Dublin

The Martello, Bray, Wicklow

But the winner was (chicken drumstickroll please!)

Ruby's Grill at the Point Square in Dublin!


Congratulations to all of the finalists, and a special congratulations to Ruby's, who we fully intend on visiting as soon as humanly possible... is it lunch time yet? (Editor: "No.") Oh, alright then...

Also, to celebrate, Ruby's will be making the most of National Chicken Wings Day (on Monday 29 July) by having a series of specials throughout the day.

Is it National Chicken Wings Day yet? (Editor: "NO!") Oh, alright then...