3 of the best places to get a gourmet sandwich in Dublin 4 weeks ago

3 of the best places to get a gourmet sandwich in Dublin

Nothing better than a perfectly made sandwich.

I'm a bit of a sandwich snob when it comes to my lunch or any other time I decide to partake in a bite of delicious bread, meat and veg.

If you love sandwiches the way I do then you will have your sandwich standards. There is nothing worse than a messy sandwich with all the fillings all over the place.

Another pet peeve I have when it comes to sandwiches is when you ask for melted cheese and it's clearly not melted. If I wanted warm cheese I would have asked for that.

Last but not least the biggest disappointment in life is when lettuce is in toasted sandwich, lettuce is fresh lettuce just agree that we won't toast lettuce anymore, ok?!

Below are a list of some delicious places to pick up a top quality sandwich.

Green Bench Cafe

Hidden down Montague street this is a must try if you're in town looking for a sandwich. I was told about this place through a friend and I cannot recommend it enough. They do perfect sandwiches and salads for takeaway.


Just opened the other day in Rathmines this little spot hits the mark. They have a delicious selection of sandwiches available on the menu from grilled steak to cajun chicken. At night they will be serving burgers and during the day it's all about the sandwich lovers.


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Welcoming our Grilled Carne Asada Steak Sandwich. Giving our Mexican twist to a classic ?

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Located in Rialto just where The Circular pub is this spot has been busy since it opened it's doors in December, aside from a few weeks closure during lockdown. One of my favourite items on the menu here is the croissandwich, that's a croissant sandwich. You have to pop in here for a taste of their perfectly made and quirky flavoured sandwiches.