Outdoor eats: 3 of the best places for food outside in Cork city 2 years ago

Outdoor eats: 3 of the best places for food outside in Cork city

Cork is the place to be when the sun comes out!

The weather in Ireland lately hasn't been that bad at all, and now since we're all staycation-ing for the near future, it's important to make the most of our little country and enjoy some experiences on our island.


One of my favourite things to do when it's not raining is to go to a restaurant that has a terrace or patio area, sit outside and enjoy a few nibbles and a drink. Even if it's not scorching hot once there's no rain, I'm happy!

Cork is one of the best cities for sitting or standing outside and having a drink. Obviously with the new Covid-19 rules things are a little different, but you can still find a great spot outside to sit and have some food.


So, here are a few of the best spots if you find yourself in the city anytime soon.

Princes Street & Clancy's 

They have recently pedestrianised Princes Street, covering it with tables and chairs for the restaurants alongside it.

This is a perfect spot to go if you're doing a little shopping in town and want to go for a bite to eat after. One of Cork's favourite restaurants, Clancy's, has also just opened up a patio on their roof, so if you can't find seating on the street, head upstairs.


The River Club

The River Club on the river Lee has one of the most gorgeous terraces you will ever see.


Their flower installation makes the setting that bit extra and a must see! The best thing about this place is that you get the sun for most of the day and it's lovely and relaxed.

They have delicious lunch brunch and dinner menus available and let me just say, the service is amazing. You will have to book in as they're usually busy... especially when the sun is out.



Another restaurant along the river Lee is Electric which is a favourite in Cork. The food is good and the outdoor seating is perfect for some relaxing hours while enjoying some sun.