Bottomless vodka brunch anyone? It's coming to Dublin this weekend 4 years ago

Bottomless vodka brunch anyone? It's coming to Dublin this weekend

We all have that friend.

The girl who, through thick and thin, at weddings, funerals and everything in between, has a vodka and white in her hand.


There's no shame in her game - others move on to a G and T or maybe a whiskey and ginger as they mature but this one always has a naggin in her bag and sticks to the drink she started on in her youth in the local pub.

That friend (or you, if you are that friend) might be interested to know that she's finally being catered for when it comes to bottomless brunch.

Yes, unbelievably you can start on the vodka in the middle of the day and since it's brunch, it's actually fancy.


The Grey Goose Vodka Brunch happening at Mulligan & Haines on Dublin's Dame Street this weekend.

Pop down on Sunday to enjoy a two-course meal and literally all the Grey Goose vodka you want - though we do of course encourage you to drink responsibly.

On the menu are plenty of warming wintry dishes, including French onion soup, beef and Guinness hot pot, chicken and leek pie and smoked duck carpaccio with black cherry chutney.

The brunch runs from 12 to 3pm; what you do with the rest of your day is up to you.


Tickets for the event are pretty limited. You can get yours by emailing or calling 01 882 4355.

Happy vodka-ing!