Burger King has opened a spa in one of its restaurants 5 years ago

Burger King has opened a spa in one of its restaurants

We're not sure what to think of this one...

We love burgers and are big fans of relaxing in spas to really treat ourselves, but what about a combination of both?


Well, it looks like some of your dreams will come true as Burger King have opened a spa in the Mannerheimintie branch of the fast-food restaurant in Helsinki, Finland, according to Metro.

Metro report that the spa contains a sauna that seats 15 people (perfect for a very weird business meeting) and the spa is 'perfect for social gatherings or work'.

What better way to bond with people than eating mozzarella bites together as beads of sweat roll down your backs?


Oddly enough, the sauna is equipped with a 48" television and in the media lounge in the next room, users will find a 55" screen and a PS4, for when you've had enough of the sauna.

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As you can see from the pictures, the spa itself is very on-brand with the Burger King colours and logos visible everywhere, making it look like some weird football team's locker room.


So, what do we think? The concept of sharing an Angry Whopper with your pals while wrapped in a towel makes me feel a little bit nauseous, but I'm sure there are people out there who would jump at the chance to visit.