Café launches Creme Egg and Ferrero Rocher cheesecake-filled Easter eggs 5 years ago

Café launches Creme Egg and Ferrero Rocher cheesecake-filled Easter eggs

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Easter is not too far away, which means it's time to start thinking about one thing: chocolatey Easter eggs.


And while we've been hearing all about all kinds of chocolatey treats this year, from hot chocolates inside Easter eggs to the prosecco and gin Easter eggs sweeping the shelves.

But this may be our favourite one yet.

A café in Wales has gone viral for their Easter creation - and it's so, so easy to see why.


The Cottage Coffee Shop & Lunch Bar in the Rhondda is filling chocolate egg shells with Creme Egg or Ferrero Rocher cheesecakes

And, if that wasn't delicious enough, is toping them with your favourite chocolate treats.

According to, each of the shells will set you back just under €4 (or £3.50) - or €6.80 (£6) for a pair.

The sweet treats were first announced on the café's Facebook page on March 14 - where they have been selling out every day since.


In the initial announcement, the café wrote:

"As our Easter cheesecakes are so popular, we’ve been experimenting and trying to make them even more delicious!

"And we’ve come up with Creme Egg cheesecakes – inside an Easter egg, topped with even more Creme Eggs!"

The café has since been keeping people updated on the status of the eggs, which - due to demand - have been flying off the shelves.

They explained in a status on Saturday that they weren't expecting the response they had gotten - thanking people "from the bottom of our hearts" for the support.


They wrote:

"I can't thank everyone enough for coming to our shop today. It was manic from start to finish!

"I want to appologise to those who travelled and did not manage to get an Egg, I tried my best to keep you up to date on here.

"Our staff have worked their socks off over the last 24 hours and i appreciate everything they have done for us!

"We did not expect the response we had! We stayed all night and was at the shop early again this morning!

"We had less than 24 hours to make as much as we could! But we had queues outside the door before we even opened!

"We will be making them every day up until easter.

"We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

"Who would have thought, our little cake shop ey?"