You can get Baileys Christmas crackers filled with chocolate truffles now 3 weeks ago

You can get Baileys Christmas crackers filled with chocolate truffles now

Beats a shit joke, doesn't it?

Hey guys, Christmas is just around the corner (84 days away), which means it's optimum time to be thinking about what kinds of Christmas treats you're going to be bringing to the socially distant table.

Because yes, we are going to be plagued by adverts about Christmas is going to be a little different this year, but at least we'll all have Baileys Christmas crackers to get us through the day.

And general Baileys, obviously.

The crackers in question include chocolate truffles stuffed with Baileys liqueur. There's two per cracker and six crackers per box, so if you were feeling particularly hungry you could snap open each one yourself and go to town.

Or you could share them with your family, as one is wont to do around Christmastime.

Three of the sweets contain regular Baileys chocolate while three contain a salted caramel treat. The only way to discover which is which is to crack them open and find out. You know how crackers work.

"Christmas is not complete without a Baileys, and this year just got more choc-tastic for lovers of the iconic Irish cream," said Baileys.

"Whether it's the hat which never seems to sit properly or the cheesy jokes, crackers are an essential part of any festive meal.

"Each pack of Baileys Crackers contain a mix of three Original and three Salted Caramel truffle filled crackers - perfect to impress your guests this Christmas and add a chocolatey finishing touch to your festive table."

You can grab yourself a box of Baileys Christmas crackers over on Carrolls website here.