You can get Dream bars in Ireland again and our day just got a whole lot better 1 year ago

You can get Dream bars in Ireland again and our day just got a whole lot better


As it stands, today is a pretty decent day.

It's warm out, there's ice cream about, the women of Ireland will have body autonomy pretty soon... decent enough set up like.

As it turns out though, today has just gotten even better because you can now get the iconic Dream bar in Ireland again and we're going to purchase abut five crates thank you very much.

If you don't recall the orgasmic creation that was the Cadbury's Dream bar, you honestly haven't lived.

It was smooth, it was white, it was - dare we say - dreamy. 

It was the most coveted of the Cadbury's Heroes collection, the first to be gone at Christmas time, the only one anyone was willing to fight tooth and nail for.

And then, one day, it was gone, never to be consumed on Irish soil again.

That was, until, today.

Now, don't get us wrong, you can't rock up to your local Spar and pick up one of these lads for a euro or whatever - but you can now order them online and have them delivered.

Bit of a hassle but anything for that smoothness that's like no other, are we right?

South African, New Zealand, and Australian shop, Sanza, are currently selling the bars and even though, yeah this is a great day for the parish, those bars do not come cheap.

If you want to buy just one of the 50g bars, it'll cost you about €2.10 plus postage, and if you want a share bar, it'll work out at about €6.00 plus postage.

It's a lot like, but we also haven't been graced with the presence of the Dream since '02, so we feel like we deserve.

(Alternatively, you can also pick yourself up a tasty Dream at the Galway based CandyLand. 

Anything for it, lads.)