You can get free a free Domino's pizza party next weekend 1 month ago

You can get free a free Domino's pizza party next weekend


You can get free Domino's next week to mark Domino's 30th birthday in Ireland.


After a year and a half of not being able to be together, Domino’s Great Big Birthday Weekend - happening next weekend - will aim to bring friends and family together over the greatest foods substance in the world: pizza.

And if you're lucky, it could even be free.

Rachel Townsend, Pizza Party Planner at Domino’s, said: “We’re so proud to be celebrating our 30th year in the Republic of Ireland. We’re always innovating as a brand and striving to offer the best deals and services for our customers nationwide, to ensure we’re the go-to for pizza parties.

“We want everyone to get involved in the Domino’s Great Big Birthday Weekend celebrations, so are pleased to announce we’ll be offering 30% off when you spend €30 online over the weekend."

Behavioural Psychologist, Jo Hemmings, known for Married at First Sight and Good Morning Britain, added that milestones are fairly important, pandemic or not.

“During lockdown, most of us turned to technology such as video calls to fill the social void with virtual get-togethers, and this enabled us to be remarkably adaptive and resilient in the face of uncertainty," she said.

"But now we have the chance to reconnect with friends and family in real time, repressed emotions make themselves known and the joy and familiarity of get-togethers can resurface. Sharing food, memories and happy times with others is something to be cherished, so get back out there and enjoy making up for lost time with those closest to you!”


To nab yourself a pizza party next weekend, visit and enter your details by September 19.  30 winners will be chosen at random.