You can now get cocktail cupcake kits - including espresso martini ones! 2 weeks ago

You can now get cocktail cupcake kits - including espresso martini ones!

Is there anything sweeter than hearing cupcakes and cocktails in the same sentence? The answer is no.

Well ladies and gentlemen this news will be sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied over the coming weeks and put a spring in your step. If you think about it, lockdown is almost over, summer is still here, these boozy cupcakes have come at the perfect time.

Cupcakes with a boozy hit, quite an exciting combination... obviously we advise eating responsibly.

Bakedin have introduced cocktail cupcake baking kits, basically bringing your cupcake game to another level. Think of the next party you decide to host and you could be offering around some gorgeous espresso martini cupcakes.

The summery flavours include strawberry daiquiri, lemon margarita, mojito and of course a favourite of mine espresso martinis and you're looking at just over 10 euro per kit which makes around 10 cupcakes.

The kits include all the dry ingredients and instructions, you just have to add the fresh ingredients and the alcohol is also your responsibility to add too.

So let's talk about the selection of kits that are available on their website.

Strawberry Daiquiri Cupcake Kit: Nothing says summertime more than a classic Strawberry Daiquiri. This kit teaches you how to make a sweet strawberry compote using the easy-to-follow recipe card.

Lemon Margarita Cupcake Kit: The perfect Friday night happy hour tipple! This one is all about adding tequila to the buttercream and will bring the taste of afternoon on the beach to eating a cupcake!

Mojito Cupcake Kit: A modern take on the traditional Cuban cocktail, you ad the rum, you decide!

Espresso Martini Cupcake Kit: You can't hit the tiles these days without a little espresso martini included in your night. Well now you can have a cupcake that tastes like your favourite post dinner cocktail. sign me up!

They also have Gin & Tonic Cupcake Kit, a tonic water flavoured sponge drizzled with Bombay Sapphire gin and a prosecco & strawberry Cake Kit.