You can get guacamole flavoured ice cream in Dublin this Cinco de Mayo 1 month ago

You can get guacamole flavoured ice cream in Dublin this Cinco de Mayo

Guac on!

Today is the 5th of May, otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo - a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla.


At any Cinco de Mayo party, you'll most likely stumble across some guacamole, some chips, some quesadillas, and other Mexican staples. Chances are though, you may not be presented with guac flavoured ice cream. Not unless you've ordered some in from a well known Dublin ice cream chain.

To mark this year's festivities, Scoop ice cream parlour and Deliveroo have teamed up to create something a bit loco: Guacamole Gelato.

The ice cream is made from actual creamy avocado, fiery chillies, zingy limes and tangy coriander. It’s also got a hint of salt and can even be served with a side of tortilla chips - if you're feeling particularly bold.

But if a standard guac ice cream isn't doing it for you this week, Deliveroo and Scoop have also created a second version laced with José Cuervo tequila blanco. The Avocado Margarita Gelato might just be the perfect midweek treat - just make sure you've got your ID on you if you're ordering that one.

Redmond Kennedy, Owner of Scoop says: “We’re delighted to collaborate with Deliveroo to create our most mexcellent gelato flavours to date. They might sound bizarre but trust us, they’re delicioso!”


Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo added: “Deliveroo loves to help its customers mark every festive occasion and Cinco de Mayo is no different. Guac on!"

Both ice creams will be available to deliver or buy in store from today, May 5, until stocks last for €3.50 per portion.