You can now get paid over €5k to eat nothing but pasta and bread 4 years ago

You can now get paid over €5k to eat nothing but pasta and bread

Sure you'd be doing that for free anyway, wha?!

Bread or pasta? Pasta or bread?


In an ideal world, we would never be required to choose between the two, instead being allowed to enjoy both of the carb-heavy beige foods to our heart's content.

In that ideal world, we also wouldn't gain any weight from the above but unfortunately for us, that would be impossible.

But hey, it's pasta and bread, it's worth it - and to some people, it's even worth five grand.


Multivitamin company Feel are planning on paying a few lucky people £5,000 each to eat exclusively beige foods like pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes.

They're also going to ask the participants to take one of their multivitamins during the trial to prove that the supplement can deliver 18 key vitamins and minerals - irrespective of a poor diet or not.

According to the site, the aforementioned "vitamin tester" will continue to eat a non-balanced diet for 30 days.


This diet will consist of foods like "... white bread, chicken, eggs, pasta and rice, under the ongoing supervision of a qualified nutritionist and doctor, who will make sure you’re meeting your individual required calorie and macro targets."

Sounds like heaven, to be honest.

So if you happen to live in the UK and want to get your fill of pasta and bread for a decent amount of cash, you can apply for the vitamin tester job over here. 

Divine situation.