You can now get PURPLE gin from Lidl 4 months ago

You can now get PURPLE gin from Lidl

Purple gin cocktails are all the rage on TikTok right now, and Lidl has us sorted.

When Pink Gin hit our shelves several years ago, we couldn't believe our luck. It was pretty. It tasted good. It was gin. What more could we have asked for?


Well, buckle your seat-belts and have your tonic ready to go, because it's all about purple gin now.

That's right, purple gin is the liquor of the moment, apparently, and Lidl have got us covered.

The European Supermarket have just kicked off their latest line of summery, fruit-flavoured gins for their Hortus Gin line, and they all look seriously good.

The purple Hortus Violet and Blackberry Gin is the standout of the collection and is available in Lidl stores across the country today. A 70cl bottle can be yours for just €21.99.

Purple gin cocktails are all the rage on TikTok right now, and it's not surprising. Their vibrant colour makes for the most stunning cocktails, and, with summer just around the corner, it's time to up our game.

The supermarket recommend jazzing your gin with lavender syrup, Sicilian lemonade, dried lavender and honey to make Lidl's Lavender Lemonade Elixir. Not only is it delicious, but it's fun to say too.


If purple gin makes you feel a little too much like Violet Beauragarde, then fret not. There are plenty of other colourful, fruity gins on offer.

The Orange and Passionfruit Gin (€21.99 for 70cl) for instance, offers a sweet and summery taste. The Hortus Citrus Garden Gin (€21.99 for 70cl), meanwhile, packs a more refreshing punch.

For a crisp gin vibe, the Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur (€14.99 for 50cl) is a good call.

And hey, if you're still not over pink gin just yet, then Lidl's classic raspberry and blackberry infused Hortus Premium Pink Gin (€19.99 for 70 cl) is there for you.