You can now get a vegan calzone stuffed with spicy veg in Milano restaurants 8 months ago

You can now get a vegan calzone stuffed with spicy veg in Milano restaurants

Alright, the dream.

It's January, which means by extension, it's also Veganuary.

And whether you're going fully plant based or just cutting down on your meat and dairy consumption, a delicious vegan addition to any menu was always going to set heads turning.

After all, it's 2020 in this here year of our Lord and Saviour, and if you're not offering your customers delicious vegan options, you're not going to get very far in life, tbh.

Luckily, this is simply not the case for many restaurants in our midst, the majority of which now offer an array of delightful vegan options that would make even the most intense cheese addicts among us think twice about their food-based choices.

One of those restaurants is Milano, which recently added a vegan calzone to their menu that sounds equal parts succulently saucy and sufficiently spicy.

All you could ever want from a large piece of dough stuffed with tasty filling, to be fair.

The Italian chain's Calzone Verdure is stuffed with aubergine, spinach, courgette, roasted peppers, smokey tomato harissa, hot chilli, garlic tomato, and topped with rosemary.

It's also served with a side salad featuring a drizzle of balsamic dressing. Divine.

Also appearing on the menu is Milano's Vegan Giardiniera - stuffed mushrooms with red onion, black olives, and vegan mozzarella - and the new Leggera Peperonata pasta.

These new menu additions come after the refurbishment of Dublin's Grand Canal Dock's Milano restaurant, which now boasts new timber screens, high tables and banquette seating.

The restaurant's new look can now cater for 144 diners with 114 seats available indoors and 30 seats situated outside overlooking the dock.

“Since first opening in Ireland, Milano has gone from strength to strength, with continued and steady expansion ensuring that our pizzerias are recognised and renowned for exceptional food and service," said Kathy Limbeck, Milano Grand Canal manager.

"Our refurbished pizzeria which showcases the kitchen at its heart, is designed to allow our customers watch our talented pizzaiolos freshly handmake their pizza to order."

Worth a visit, tbh.