You can now have spicy cocktails delivered right to your door 2 years ago

You can now have spicy cocktails delivered right to your door

When you think of cocktails, you don't necessarily think of spice.

A bit of cinnamon sprinkled over the top, maybe, but unless it's a Bloody Mary, we tend to leave the Tabasco in the press where it belongs.


There is a very good chance though that spicy, fiery cocktails are totally delicious and we've simply been missing out on all that alcohol goodness for the longest time.

If we have it's grand though because we can remedy this right away by having spicy cocktails from The Hill pub in Ranelagh delivered right to our door.

You don't even have to leave the house, like.


Deliveroo and The Hill teamed up for the first time back in November to send some favourites from their cocktail menu right to their customer's homes.

All they had to do was give it a bit of a shake when the drinks arrived - sorted.


And now, to celebrate National Chilli Day this Thursday, the guys are at it again, this time offering up a spicy cocktail they've called the C'Hill n' Burn.


Infused with pineapple vodka, lime, sugar syrup, muddled strawberries & homemade lemonade, the C'Hill n' Buyrn has a chilli base which is sure to warm you up a bit on these cold, spring evenings.

The Hill's Derek Marsden said that he was only delighted to introduce the pub's newest creation.


“We know chilli lovers like it hot, so we are very excited to launch our latest creation, The C’Hill n’ Burn and put their taste buds to the test," he said. 

The C'Hill n' Burn is €9 per drink, or local can order four cocktails and a small bag of ice for €29.

Not a bad deal, in fairness.