Tesco is selling a 'drunken cheese' kit to infuse with Prosecco or wine over Christmas 1 year ago

Tesco is selling a 'drunken cheese' kit to infuse with Prosecco or wine over Christmas


Alright lads, there are two items that make any busy, intense, family-filled Christmas time worth putting up with.


One is wine. And the other is cheese.

Both delicious treats, both totally fine in moderation, both absolutely indulged on around the festive season.

And that's OK. We're allowed to ruin ourselves over Christmas. That's the point of it.

Anyway, although every single one of us will absolutely be hopping off the cheese boards and bottles of bubbly for the next three weeks or so, Tesco has gone and done us a solid by introducing a little gimmick that combines the two.

Indeed, you'll soon be able to steep your cheese in an alcoholic (or non-alcoholic, no judgement) beverage of your choice to make it a literally drunken cheese. 

The specially curated white Stilton with candied orange peel is steeped in some wine, some Prosecco, some gin, or even some vodka (if you feel like ruining your entire life), for 24 hours in the fridge.


Once it's entirely infused, the cheese is removed from its special pot, left to dry for half an hour, and then there you go.

Serve it up to all of your mates, get drunk off the cheese, enjoy the cheese, marvel at the simple fact that you will never be as into a cheese again in your sad little life as you are at this current moment.

Honestly, the dream.

Tesco Finest* Steep Your Own Cheese is available in stores now for €3.89.