Nutritionist says you can still enjoy alcohol and stay on top of fitness goals 2 years ago

Nutritionist says you can still enjoy alcohol and stay on top of fitness goals

We all know that trying to keep on top of your fitness can be difficult at times.

With busy schedules, hormones, and socialising always at play, it can be a struggle to workout everyday or eat a balanced meal at every lunchtime.


And with many of us trying to be healthy now that it's the new year, we might ban ourselves from alcohol.

However, one main thing that people find truly difficult is not drinking alcohol when they're trying to be healthy.

That can be good, but let's face it - most of the socialising we do with friends, family and colleagues revolves around a boozy brunch or a trip down to the pub.

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Well, one fitness expert has weighed in and said that while you should be mindful of what you're drinking, you shouldn't deprive yourself of a few glasses of your favourite booze - because socialising with the people close to you is just as good for your mental health as a workout is for your physical health.

Fitness expert and nutritionist Robin Swinkels said that even trying to drink something that is low in calories isn't a good idea as you'll still crave your drink of choice.

“Trying to quench a craving with something less than the crave will only leave you craving more, hating your diet and feeling deprived,” Robin said.

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“It’s better to have one glass of something you really enjoy so you feel satisfied, and it’s easier to then go back to your diet the next day.”

And as for trying to get up to exercise the next day? Robin recommends drinking water with your drink as it "helps slow down the rate at which you finish your drink and ensures you are less likely to lose control. It also helps with the hangover!”

Some sound advice there!