Hello July: There's a new canned wine spritz you may want to try this summer 3 weeks ago

Hello July: There's a new canned wine spritz you may want to try this summer

Listen, we know.

There's a lot of alcoholic spritz-based beverages out there these days.

Summer 2020 may be somewhat #cancelled, but that doesn't mean that a gal's consumption of delicious drinks has to be.

Already this year we've had the White Claw apocalypse, the Flying Flamingo furore, and the Grizzly takeover (that last one isn't an alcoholic beverage, but it's still a tasty canned drink, and that's good enough for us).

It truly is the year of the low calorie, fizzy, delicious drink - and sure, why not? We may as well have something to look forward on these damp, dreary days we call July.

Enter Ramona, a new Sicilian wine-based drink that'll be sure to allow you to make the most out of all of those garden parties you're bound to be having this summer.

Significantly marketed as "wine without rules," (great) the new canned spritz is made with organic ingredients, sustainable production methods, no added sugar, no gluten, and no artificial... anything, really.

The new 7% and 5% ABV cans come in three refreshing and delightful flavours. This is them:

Ruby Grapefruit: Refreshing citrus zest with stone fruit, ruby grapefruit, lime blossom and honeycrisp apple

Meyer Lemon: Freshly squeezed lemons, green apple, cactus flower and lime blossom

Dry Ruby Grapefruit: The low cal alternative that contains just 90 calories and is only 5% ABV.

The base for all Ramona drinks is a lightly sparkling organic Sicilian wine made with Zibibbo grapes and then mixed with organic and natural juices.

250ml cans of Ramona are currently available to buy in selected bars, restaurants and off-licenses across Ireland, as well as home delivery via WineLab.

Decent enough shout for that BBQ you've got planned that's absolutely going to get ruined by the rain next weekend, right?