Chrissy Teigen shares recipe for the banana bread that went viral 3 years ago

Chrissy Teigen shares recipe for the banana bread that went viral

Chrissy Teigen has shared her recipe of the banana bread that caused a social media storm.

The television host is currently working on her second cookbook, but there's been one recipe in particular that got people talking.


The Cravings author was making banana bread last weekend and needed 6 brown bananas to complete the recipe.

She put out a request on Twitter for the fruit, adding that she would provide the supplier with a signed cookbook, her husband John Legend's underwear and a Becca palette.

As usual, the internet delivered - and one social media user was able to help Teigen complete the recipe.

Her mum Vilailuck even helped with the hand-off.

A couple of days after the social media storm settled, the model decided to give everyone an update into the progress of the snack by sharing the exact recipe on Instagram.


And it sounds absolutely mouth watering.

She wrote alongside it:

"Heading into the final week of recipe developing for #cravings2!!! You guys have been such a huge part of this one...

"I've loved seeing what you guys enjoyed making the most and learning what you want more of.

"You guys...are awesome.

"And I miss posting food. I'm going to instagram a lot more freaking food and if you don't like it you can suck it! Love you."


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