Celebrity Chef, Clodagh McKenna, dishes on the hottest food trend of 2019 2 years ago

Celebrity Chef, Clodagh McKenna, dishes on the hottest food trend of 2019

Interesting, right?

So, we all know by now that the world (and its millennials) are totally obsessed with the avocado.


We put it on toast, we put it in smoothies, and we've even included it in our beauty regime.

We can't get enough, to the point where we're actually nearing an international avocado shortage.

The horror.

Well lads, fear not, because there's a new green vegetable in town - and it's set to be the hottest food trend of 2019.

Yesterday, I had the honour (yes, honour) to sit down and chat to the remarkable Clodagh McKenna - celebrity chef and living angel.

We were chatting all about her latest partnership with Unislim, who have just launched an amazing new cookbook, Delicious.


"I have such a connection to Unislim. My first event with them was four years ago, when I did a demonstration in Croke Park for thousands of members."

She explained that it's more than a diet programme for people, it's a community.

"I chatted to many people, and got to learn about how their lives had changed thanks to Unislim. It's a holistic approach to weight loss, which I love."

When asked what the hottest food trend of the year is set to be, Clodagh gave me a simple, one word answer.



Wild right? You'd kind of just forget about it as a vegetable.

Anyway Clodagh went on to explain the reasons why we should all be including cucumber in our diets.


"It's amazing for detoxing your body, it helps to cleanse your gut!" she said.

Cucumbers are 96 percent water, so the fact that they make a great detox food makes perfect sense.

"I also read recently that cucumber actually boosts collagen, so it's great to get a bit of plump in your skin."


So yeah, who needs botox when you can just enjoy some cucumber slices (in a gin and tonic perhaps?)

Cucumber also contains Ascorbic acid and Caffeic Acid, both of which help to strengthen your body’s ligaments. Gorge.

Silica, which helps in the formation of connective tissues, is also present in cucumber and helps strengthen weak bones too.

Clodagh also cited celery as a massive food trend for 2019 - particularly in juice form.

"Although I can't be bothered juicing it right now, but I eat a stick of it every day!" she explained.

It helps aid digestion, and also can be great to beat that bloated feeling we all get.

There you have it now folks. Cucumber and celery in every meal, and sure, you'll be laughing.

Unislim's new cookbook, Delicious, is available now online at Unislim.com and at Unislim classes nationwide for €12.99.