Coconut Dairy Milk bars exist and we are very intrigued 2 years ago

Coconut Dairy Milk bars exist and we are very intrigued


Or nah, depending on whether you like coconut or not.

The humble Bounty bar has been dividing opinions on this fine earth since the dawn of time - people just can't seem to agree on whether coconut and chocolate mixed together is sound or not.

Neither can the Her desk, to be honest.

Some of us think it's delicious, others wouldn't touch it with a bargepole, and a few literally couldn't care less.

Still though, that doesn't mean any of us are any less intrigued by Cadbury's new Dairy Milk coconut chocolate bar.

It's called Coconut Rough and it's got little coconut flakes in the chocolate which, to be honest, sounds delicious.

Just picture the scene now - you out enjoying the rare bit of sun we've been getting as of late, milling into that grand stretch in the evenings, with a cup of tea in one hand, and a coconut Dairy Milk in the other.

Absolute bliss.

Unfortunately for us though, the bar seems to be only retailing in New Zealand at the minute.

However, online Irish sweet shop Candy Land has imported a load of the family bars and is currently selling them for €9 a pop.

Slightly pricey but it'll have to do until these lads make an appearance over here themselves.