Company wants to pay you €9,000 to drink rosé in France 2 years ago

Company wants to pay you €9,000 to drink rosé in France

OK, this sounds like the actual dream.

If we could think of the most wonderful job in the world it would include travelling to beautiful places and drinking wine. All the wine.


Of course, it seems way too good to be true especially since we're currently writing this from a desk when the sun is shining outside.

However, a wine company want to send a very lucky person away on holiday to drink wine. That's basically it.

Oh, and they'll pay you ($10,000) €9,000.

The brand Rosé All Day is looking for an enthusiastic wine drinker to become a 'rosé influencer'.


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As well as being paid to go on the luxurious trip, you will be able to stay at the brand's gorgeous château, while being fed rosé for the full duration of the trip.


Apparently, all you have to do to be in the running for the job is post a picture on Instagram and tag the brand's official Instagram account. Obviously, the post has to be something rosé-related.

The brand is basically looking for someone that knows how to work social media to their advantage and can post beautiful, inspiring and fun Instagram posts.

You can find out more information here.