A controversial ranking of Lindt truffles from worst to best 4 months ago

A controversial ranking of Lindt truffles from worst to best

Ah, Lindt.

They're master chocolatiers, don't you know?


And to celebrate the upcoming existence of Lindt's sharing tin, we decided to put together a controversial ranking of Lindt truffles, from worst to best.

This list is comprised only of truffles that are currently available for selection for a mixed box on the Lindt website.

A mere 10 chocolates were included for the simple reason that a) I hadn't tried the other ones, and b) we'd be here all day otherwise.*

(*I would, however, very much like to try the pistachio truffle at some point @ Lindt. Make it happen.)

Anyway, here's that ranking you were after. Let the controversy commence.

10. Extra dark chocolate 

Listen lads, I'm not crazy on dark chocolate. It's fine. I will eat it, but it is rarely my treat of choice.


This particular dark chocolate is 60% and it is simply too dark for me. I rest my case.

9. Milk chocolate hazelnut 

Milk chocolate? Good. Hazelnut? Good. The two in a decent combination within a delectable Lindt ball? Also good.

Not enough to get itself a higher spot on this here list, but what're you gonna do?


8. Strawberries and cream

I can't lie - before I compiled this list, I expected strawberries and cream to be higher. I really did.

Alas, here we are. At #8, with a chocolate that is absolutely one of my favourites but, for some reason, does not make the cut.


Partially because it is arguably a bit too sweet, but predominantly because it's far too similar to other superior chocolates further down this list. Sorry.

7. Orange

A bit heavy but c'mon, who doesn't love orange chocolate?!


Me, evidently, because I put it at number 7.

6. White chocolate

Now we're talkin'.

White chocolate anything is a beast and I won't hear any different. It is simply a better version of all chocolates that came before it.

White chocolate Dairy Milk? Better. White chocolate Coco Pops? Better. White chocolate Terry's Chocolate Orange? Infinitely better.

5. Mint

Hear me out, okay?

Mint chocolate is usually dark chocolate. Lindt's mint truffle, however, is milk chocolate. Therefore it deserves the spot of #5 on this list.


4. Coconut

Bit of a dark horse here but yes, the coconut Lindt ball is delicious and yes, it's nicer than strawberries and cream.

Go figure.

3. Salted caramel

Salty. Caramel-y. Chocolately. Divine.

Salted caramel is a relatively new flavour in the chocolate canon. A couple of decades or so ago, it would have been a rare find, reserved only for the truly boujie among us.

Alas now, it's everywhere - on every dessert menu, every confectionary shelf, and every Lindt truffle.

And why not, like? They're delicious.

2. Milk chocolate 

A classic, through and through. Milk chocolate was always to preserve to one of the top spots - and deservedly so, too.

Smooth, creamy, sure to delight absolutely everybody who bites into it. There'll be no controversy with this little number, no complaints, no fights.

Just delight. But not as much delight as chomping down on the below...

1. Cookies and cream (Stracciatella)

Yes, you did read that correctly. And no, I am not wrong.

The boss of chocolate flavours everywhere, the #1 spot was always going to be cookies and cream or, as it is otherwise known, Stracciatella. 

Velvety, moreish, and containing the ultimate chocolate texture (smooth but with tasty little bits), Lindt's cookies and cream offering is up there with the best of them.

Delicate, delicious, and without doubt the first to go when the multipack comes out, cookies and cream is The Don of Lindt chocolate balls.

Let it be known, and never forget it.

Images via Lindt website.