A Prosecco Festival is happening in Cork this month and tickets are selling fast 3 years ago

A Prosecco Festival is happening in Cork this month and tickets are selling fast

Calling all basic bitches.

(ie: us.)


If you're on a night out with the gals, there's only one thing you need before the evening is complete and entirely acceptable to share on your Instagram Story.

No, not a cheers-ing Boomerang. No, not a lad who won't text back but don't worry because you're too good for him anyway, hun. 

Prosecco. That's it.

Bubbly, cheap, bound-to-get-you-fairly-smashed Prosecco. It's delicious and it's strong and it's a staple of any basic AF night out.


And now a whole festival dedicated to the stuff is happening in Cork this month.

Every gal's dream.

The festival will take place across Cork's Metropole Hotel, Cork International Hotel and Cork Airport Hotel later this month.


It will involve Prosecco masterclasses, Prosecco tastings, and a Prosecco supper club which is essentially where you eat a delicious four course meal while drinking Prosecco.


The festival, which is in associated with Tindal Wines, starts on Friday, May 10 and will conclude on Saturday, May 25.

According to the Metropole's website: "There's something for Prosecco fans as well as those who wish to learn more about this distinguished product."


Distinguished, indeed.

Unfortunately for us, the Prosecco masterclass and the Prosecco tasting have already sold out (sad), but there's still a few tickets left for the supper club and the Prosecco cocktail masterclass. 

And in fairness, the menu for the latter does sound unreal:

Bakewell Fizz: Kirsch soaked cherry, dash of Kirsch Liqueur, Topped with One-part Disaronno, Blueberries, sprig of rosemary, topped with Prosecco.


French 77 Prosecco: One-part elderflower cordial, one-part lemon juice, one-part gin, Top with Prosecco Mint leaf, Lemon Twist for Garnish.

MacCurtain Sweet: Our in house made Prosecco & mandarin cordial is a sweet and buttery blend of Prosecco & baby mandarins, stirred with grain vodka, fresh lime juice topped with soda water and grenadine.

Clarity: Whole milk is combined with gin, port and oleo saccharum and filtered over time, once again stirred with gin, topped with soda, Prosecco garnished with a sage leaf.


You can find out more about the Prosecco Festival events, or book yourself some tickets, here.