The country with the unhealthiest food has been revealed and yeah, we're surprised 4 years ago

The country with the unhealthiest food has been revealed and yeah, we're surprised


When you think of unhealthy food, the general vibe tends to be negative.


Why would you ever want to eat that? It's bad for you. It's not good to eat or enjoy and if you do any of those things, you're a bad person.

Except you're not, calm down, everything's grand.

Eating technically unhealthy food is obviously grand every once in a while, as long as that's not all you're eating.

Life is hard, things are tough, and we all deserve a treat every now and then.


That's why when we heard that the country with the seemingly unhealthiest food had been revealed, we weren't horrified. We weren't delighted either, sure, but that absolutely won't stop up from going there and eating all their delicious culinary masterpieces.

Because the country is question is apparently Brazil, and yeah, we're pretty OK with that.

The data comes from Hayes and Jarvis and according to them, the cuisine in the South American country contains the most fat, salt, carbs, and sugar.


The Brazilians are followed closed by Argentina, the Maldives and Mexico, who also boast similar levels of seemingly unhealthy - but delicious - foods.

The countries weighing in with the most healthy foods, however, are the likes of India, China, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Ireland unfortunately isn't included in the list but England is - and they're pretty unhealthy by this study's standards - so we can probably go ahead and assume that Ireland is on a similar level.


A massive congrats to all involved.