The croissant/sushi hybrid is here and we don't know what to think 4 years ago

The croissant/sushi hybrid is here and we don't know what to think

Just kidding, we'd horse into that bad boy.

If there's anything better than a croissant, it's got to be a croissant filled with sushi.


Don't agree? Well then please hear us out.

Croissants are great, we all know this.

They're crispy, they're soft, they're buttery, they're warm, they're enough to make even the harshest of January days bearable.

So why, you may ask, would somebody go ahead and stick some sushi in there?


Because why not, essentially.

The 'croissushi', as it has come to be known, includes everything you'd expect from a delicious pastry-and-fish-based treat.


Sold in San Fransisco's Mr Holmes Bakehouse, the concoction is actually one of the bakery's most popular items... after the 'cruffin' (croissant/muffin), of course.

Comprised of pastry, wasabi, seaweed, pickled ginger, smoked salmon, and a load of butter, the croissushi does sound a bit mank, admittedly.


But when you think about it (and reeeally think about it), it could actually be the most delicious thing to have ever passed your lips.


We'd certainly give it a go anyway.

Other food hybrids that we'd definitely be up for trying are the jelizza (jelly/pizza), the coffant (coffee/croissant) and the jalaoup (jalapeno/soup).

Somebody make it happen.