YUM: Deliveroo has revealed the food trends that are going to be big in 2019 2 years ago

YUM: Deliveroo has revealed the food trends that are going to be big in 2019

We all love a takeaway.

But it seems like we're moving away from the grease-filled (but also delish) cuisines to more healthy and vegan-friendly options.


In Deliveroo's research it found that we're stepping outside the box and going for veganism and veggie influences more so now than ever.

According to the company's international research, here are the top 5 food trends of 2019:

1.Healthy Frozen Savouries

While orders for avocado and hummus increased this year, it looks like 2019 will go a different direction with healthy frozen favourites taking the top spot.

Deliveroo "believes 2019 will see Ireland follow suit with the international adoption of savoury and healthy ice creams. We may not see the advent of the Broccoli Split, but vegan and veggie variations of ice cream are certainly expected."

2. Root to Top Cooking


2018 has been the year to recognise how much we waste and tackle that problem, and next year we're going to use the entire vegetable for cooking.

The delivery company "predicts that restaurant partners on the platform will introduce innovative ways to reduce daily waste, by using the likes of root vegetable leaves to make tasty and flavoursome pestos to accompany dishes."

3. Fermented Food and Drink

It's safe to say we have seen a surge in fermented products being put into the mainstream this year with offerings such as pickles, sauerkraut and kombucha being introduced into restaurants.


"Hailed as a miracle drink, it packs a probiotic punch for gut health. Seeing as Ireland’s unofficial national drink is tea, this fermented version is sure to be a key 2019 healthy hit."

4. Flexitarianism

What is this you say? We were confused too but Deliveroo says: "We have witnessed veganism explode in Ireland, with Deliveroo restaurant partners increasing their vegan-friendly options by a staggering 100 percent and a 73 percnet increase of vegan orders on the platform in 2018.


"As the lifestyle gathers more speed in the new year, Deliveroo predicts an increase in Flexitarianism, where customers will dip in and out of meat dishes in favour of #MeatlessMonday and #GreenSunday."

5. Sea snacks

According to global food trend forecasters, sea snacks are going to see a big rise in 2019 with stuff like kelp noodles and algae snacks becoming very popular.


"With an already abundant and rich marine life, Deliveroo has already seen an increase of 59 percent in seafood orders across the platform."