Determined to increase your fitness this summer? These little tips can help you on your journey 1 year ago

Determined to increase your fitness this summer? These little tips can help you on your journey

Brought to you by Avonmore Protein Milk.

Summer - the time for change.

January may be a time for New Year's resolutions but the summer months are when most people actually follow through with those resolutions. The sun is out and you're feeling much happier and ready to actually take on some challenges and reach some goals.

If your aim for summer 2019 is to increase that fitness, well done. Starting is the hardest part; you'll be surprised how quickly you actually start to enjoy your workouts and how much they begin to fit into your everyday life.

If you want a (relatively) seamless move into your new routine and want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your workouts, then these little tips should help you out.

Find something you like doing

You might not be a big gym fan and that's okay. Find an activity that you like instead. There are loads of exercises out there that you might love. Try out some wall climbing - it's great for arm and leg muscle and you feel a sense of achievement every time you complete a new climb. Maybe swimming is more your thing - the water keeps you nice and cool so it's a sweat-free workout. Whatever you like, there's sure to be something out there to suit you.

Keep to an early or late routine

It's not a good idea to exercise right before you plan to go to bed because your leftover energy will keep you awake. Still though, if your exercise routine is constantly getting in the way of plans you'll keep finding reasons not to go. Keeping your routine to the evening or morning means that it doesn't interfere with your day and you'll be less likely to put it off.

Make sure you're getting enough protein

Unless you are really planning to go for the whole bodybuilder look, you don't need to go crazy with the protein. Persistent and varied exercise should help build those muscles up fine. Make sure you're eating a healthy balanced diet which is providing enough protein. A simple way to help get enough protein is by picking up a carton of protein milk.

Avonmore Protein Milk is a great one that you can pick up in any supermarket. It contains high quality whey and casein protein and it contains a blend of muscle-supporting micro nutrients. Just switch your normal milk to Avonmore Protein Milk: a glass before or after your exercise, in your cereal, or in your smoothies. That way you can help make sure you're getting enough protein to fit your uptake in exercise and muscle building without having to change up your whole diet. Simples. (It also comes in vanilla, chocolate, or blueberry - delish!)

Get an exercise buddy

It's easy to talk yourself out of exercising. Way too easy. You'll be much less likely to miss a day when you have to go through the shame of telling someone else that you're skipping out. Both of you will be able to encourage the other on days when they feel like lazing on the couch instead. It's a win for everyone.

Listen to your body

You might be tempted to go 120 percent at the start but if you go too hard, your body will pay for it. Give your muscles a break if they start feeling weak. If you start to feel nauseated during any exercise, slow things down. No matter what you might read or hear in places, you should absolutely not be getting sick during workouts. If you get sick, you've overworked your body.

Don't get disheartened if you start to feel weak or sick early on in the workout - you're just starting out, that will improve quicker than you think. Also, don't forget your rest days to give your muscles the time they need to recover.

Like we said, starting out is the hardest part so once you get these five things down, you'll be flying. Good luck in your journey, exercisers, we believe in you.

Brought to you by Avonmore Protein Milk.

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Protein supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Enjoy as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.