Diet Coke cans have had a limited edition makeover to make them very relatable 10 months ago

Diet Coke cans have had a limited edition makeover to make them very relatable

I'm typing this while drinking a Diet Coke - very on brand of me.

If you've noticed any Diet Coke cans in supermarkets recently, you might have noticed they're looking a little different.

And that's because they've gone through a mini and limited edition makeover to make them hashtag relatable to every mood while you're sipping.

The eight new designs feature phrases created to help you share your mood. These are one element of Diet Coke’s brand new You Do You campaign.

The cans feature the phrases:

  • It’s Lit
  • I’m in
  • I’m out
  • Yaasss
  • Okay, but no,
  • Get it,
  • Okay, next
  • Can’t even

The limited edition cans won't be around for long however so grab one in supermarkets nationwide now while you can and get snap happy without even having to say a word.

And speaking of Diet Coke, the brand is releasing a Christmas flavour, well, in the UK anyways. Diet Coke festive clementine will be the perfect beverage for the Christmas season and like all Diet Cokes, the new flavour contains no calories and no sugar.

Speaking about the new addition, Kris Robbens, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain said:

"For current fans of the brand who love new flavours and those who are looking for something new during the festive season, we're excited to announce the launch of a new limited-edition flavour, Diet Coke Clementine."

"Full of festive flavour and with no sugar, it's the perfect drink for the lead up to Christmas."


Here's hoping it drops here too. Santa...