Dingle Gin is selling a limited edition Four Seasons gift set JUST in time for Christmas 1 year ago

Dingle Gin is selling a limited edition Four Seasons gift set JUST in time for Christmas

Yes please.

Life would be a terrible thing without gin, if you ask us.

And top of our list of gins we adore is Dingle Gin... sure it's made here in Ireland, and it happens to be delish.

So, if you are a gin lover, or you know someone that is, prepare yourself.

The Limited Edition Four Seasons Dingle Gin is a stackable collection of four Dingle gins, distilled in The Dingle Distillery.

And it is the perfect Christmas gift!

dingle gindingle gin

Each has been distilled using ingredients and locally foraged botanicals from the distillery’s surroundings to create a flavour profile for each that echoes the provenance of the distillery’s surrounding landscape throughout the year. 

Intrigued? Here is the low down on each season:

Spring - An intense but finely balanced mix of floral notes such as gorse flower, dandelion, nettle and most prominently rose petals, with hints of lemon and orange peel to influence the wonderful Spring effect of this delicious gin.

Summer - A sweet tasting gin with a creamy texture and a mint and floral undertone. With rose petal and elderflower notes this luscious gin has a beautiful delicate floral character.

Autumn - Juniper takes a back seat to a complex mix of ripe fruits and a peppery spice with a long finish of cardamom and ginger. This unique gin also consists of locally foraged blackberries, hawthorn, rowan berries and rosehip to give this gin a wonderful sense of Autumn.

Winter - Elderberries and hawthorn berries have been combined with seasonal spices for a warming, spicy and distinctly winter character.

This divine set of limited edition gin costs €68.